Senior iOS Engineer (FTE/CTR)

Austin, Texas, United States · Engineering · Int-FT-1-Te-x2-SP-KV


We have one of the most talented, dedicated iOS teams in the world. In some ways that’s a lot like having your own personal Stack Overflow right inside the office. Haven’t implemented APNS before? The person next to you did on their last project. Wondering about the differences between Kiwi and KIF? Invite someone to have a beer and talk about it in the break room.

We strongly believe in painting both sides of the fence as we build well crafted software. We want our code to be reusable and maintainable, just as we want our user interfaces to be beautiful and delightful. Mutual Mobile is committed to helping you stay on the cutting edge. iOS is a continuously growing field that is changing quickly. We’re excited about that and always on the lookout for new developments and ways we can improve.

Mutual Mobile is looking to grow our iOS Engineering team in creating mobile applications for some of the best known brands. You’ll be a great asset to the team if you have an excellent track record pushing the boundaries of iOS. Continue to take your skills to the cutting edge while working alongside our amazing team of engineers and designers!

In your first year at Mutual Mobile, you will:


To be successful here, you will have:


Why work for Mutual Mobile? We make great products. We craft beautiful user experiences and solve complex software challenges. Clients such as The Economist, Union Bank, Under Armour and BlueCross come to us for our deep experience in building great products with emerging technologies. We establish strategies that provide impactful business value and work to build those solutions from the ground up. We bring together the brightest minds in interactive & visual design, software development, and business management to deliver solutions that matter.

You’ll love working here, because this isn’t a company of silos. Team members are empowered and encouraged to pursue cool ideas, think for themselves, and make mistakes. We won’t subject you to our current systems and processes - we would love it if instead you would help to improve them. We know you’re smart, and that you love learning new technologies--so you’ll be able to work on a variety of projects with many different types of people.

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